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Photo professionnelle de Camille Serrurier-Arabadjieva


My name is Camille Serrurier-Arabadjieva and I am a design graphic freelancer in UI/UX design, webdesign and art direction.

I'm here to follow you in your web or print projects!



Are my magic words, as much in my personal or professional life. They can become your keywords by working with me. Together, we’ll be creative on your projects to adapt them to your needs, your vision, and your wishes! You’re launching a project that you are passionate about and I’ll love it as much as you do in order for you to blossom. At last, the freedom for us both to express ourselves on this project, make it happen at our own rhythm, and explore all the roads ahead together. Let’s create together a project that looks like you!

Image d'un pictogramme designé par Camil


You need a logo? You’re planning an event? A wedding? A party?

Let’s create together a visual identity for all your projects! A creative corporate identity charter will allow your project to shine in the world!

Image d'un pictogramme designé par Camille Serrurier-Arabadjieva


Your website is your digital strategy’s foundation. It needs to represent you and to be approachable to the users. Let’s design together a strong corporate identity charter and identity through a creative website!

Image d'un pictogramme designé par Camille Serrurier-Arabadjieva


No style without content and no content without style. UI design (user interface) and UX design (user experience) are inextricably linked!

Together, let’s design an efficient user experience in order to make your website or app approachable by everyone!

A project? A question?

Just want to say hi?

Send me a message! 

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