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Podcast graphic identity
La Green Wave

The project - Working with Margot Arabadjieca, I created a podcast and its graphic universe for social media.

My role - UI designer / Editor / Motion Designer
- Corporate identity and style guide for the podcast, including a logo.

- Sound editing for the podcast La Green Wave with Margot Arabadjieva and Oliver Marcon (music & mixing)

- Motion design for a presentation video of the podcast.

Tools - Illustrator / Adobe Audition / Adobe After Effects


The podcast that combines ecology, environment and ocean

With Margot Serrurier-Arabadjieva, we launched the podcast in 2021. La Green Wave's goal is to popularize some scientific concepts that are difficult to understand and that we don't talk about in the media.

We complement each other, she brings the content and I create the form in order to create an impacting and approachable podcast!

Charte Graphique La GreenWave

Check @la_green_wave

A video to explain the 'La Green Wave' project

Vidéo La Green Wave
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